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How do you choose the right perfume for him?

28/03/2024 14:17
How do you choose the right perfume for him?

How do you choose the right perfume for it? Useful tips and recommendations

Perfume can be an expression of identity and a subtle means of communication of style and personality. Choosing the right perfume is not just about finding a pleasant aroma, but also about finding a perfume that matches the personality and lifestyle of the person who will wear it. A fragrance that complements the identity of the wearer and corresponds to the individual tastes of the wearer can have a significant impact on the perception that the person has about himself and can influence the way he is perceived by those around.

Choose a fragrance according to the olfactory family

Personal preferences are the basic criterion that should be taken into account when choosing a perfume. There are many types of fragrances, some of these fragrances suitable for men, others for women. The olfactory family, the texture and concentration of the fragrance are aspects that contribute to the final olfactory experience and the way the fragrance matches the personality and individual preferences of the wearer. For example, woody fragrances are often preferred by men because of their masculine and refined character, while floral or fruity fragrances are more commonly preferred by women, because of their freshness and femininity.


Perfumes with citrus flavors, obtained from essential oils extracted from citrus peels (such as lemons, oranges, tangerines or bergamot) are known for their freshness and vitality. Citrus scents provide an invigorating and energizing olfactory experience, perfect for warm summer days. Citrus scents are often used in unisex or male perfumes.


Perfumes with woody aromas are appreciated for their deep, stable and masculine character. Wood flavors, considered versatile but often preferred in male perfumes, are obtained from natural essences extracted generally from cedar, sandalwood, vetiver or patchouli wood.


Skin-flavored perfumes are known for their sensuality and evocative power, being created to mimic the warm and distinctive smell of the skin. Skin flavors are made from various ingredients such as frankincense, musk, or various synthetic components that mimic the natural smell of the skin. Combined with other flavours such as sandalwood, vanilla or spices, they can create complex and intriguing fragrances.


Floral fragrances, characterized by delicate and romantic aromas, inspired by flowers such as rose, jasmine, tuberose, lilac or lily, are among the most popular and appreciated in the world of perfumes. Floral aromas add a touch of elegance to the composition of the fragrance and can create a sensual and romantic atmosphere.


Oriental fragrances are known for their mysterious aromas, which exude an aura of warmth and passion. Originating in the Middle East and Asia, oriental fragrances are enriched with exotic flavors (such as vanilla, musk, sandalwood) and oriental spices (such as cinnamon, cloves and ginger).


Known for their vivacity, fruity fragrances are especially appreciated in fragrances intended for the warm season. Often obtained from natural or synthetic essences of fruits, such as strawberries, apples, pears or melons, fruity fragrances are generally suitable regardless of individual olfactory preferences.


Fragrances from the Fougere olfactory family are known for their woody, aromatic and slightly spicy aromas. The term „Fougere” comes from the French language and means „feriga”, which suggests an association with nature and freshness. Fougere family perfumes are suitable for every occasion, from formal meetings to casual events.

Choose a niche perfume

A niche perfume is distinguished by its quality and originality, being created by perfumers with a special attention to detail. Like perfumes, they are often associated with independent perfume houses and are intended to provide a unique and distinctive olfactory experience. The major difference between a niche perfume and an ordinary one lies in the attention paid to the creation process and the selection of ingredients. Niche perfumes are often created in limited editions or in smaller quantities, and perfumers have the freedom to experiment and innovate.


Choose the fragrance according to the personality of the man

The personality of each man is an aspect that must be taken into account when choosing a perfume. For example, fresh and invigorating fragrances are suitable for adventurous and energetic men, while woody or oriental fragrances are ideal for elegant and sophisticated ones. For mysterious men, on the other hand, perfume water or fragrances with spicy and mysterious aromas can be an appropriate choice. Regardless of the personality of the man, there is a fragrance that will suit and emphasize his individual style.

Perfumes for the sports man

Perfumes or cologne with citrus, marine and aromatic notes are an ideal choice for the sportsman, as such flavors, invigorating and energizing, match an active lifestyle. Two options suitable for a sports man are the extracts of the perfume Dress Code: Naked and Crazy for You: The Obsession.

Dress Code: Naked, with its lemon, strawberry, mandarin and currant top notes, exudes freshness and vitality, being ideal for those who appreciate citrus and fruity flavors. Crazy for You: The Obsession is also a subtle combination of citrus, fruity and woody flavors, perfect for the sports man. With top notes of lemon and tangerine, enriched with fresh fruit accents, Crazy for You: The Obsession offers an explosion of energy and vitality. The basic notes of musk and sandalwood add a warm touch to the fragrance to complement the active and dynamic aura of the sporty man.


Perfumes for the elegant man 

Perfumes with woody and aromatic notes are a suitable choice for men who want extra elegance, as they exude an air of refinement and masculinity. Royal Blood, a fragrance that combines rich notes of cedar wood and leather with subtle accents of vetiver and musk, emits an aura of elegance and authority, being an excellent choice for a man who aspires to impress and leave a strong and lasting footprint.

Perfume „Bad Boy Meets His Angels”, a complex creation that harmoniously blends woody notes with fresh and invigorating accents of citrus and aromatic herbs, can also be an option. The top notes of the fragrance, such as jasmine and bergamot, give a vibrant and energizing scent.

Surprise him!

If you want to surprise him and you do not necessarily know his preferences in terms of perfumes, or on the contrary, you know that he has a passion for them, a good idea would be to give him a discovery kit, a set that contains several samples of perfumes from different olfactory families. Such a gift allows the person receiving it to discover and explore various flavors to find their favorite.