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Established in 2023, Maison Olfactif is a haute perfumery house, with a portfolio of fragrance extracts for the most demanding tastes. Maison Olfactif extracts bring premium quality in terms of maturation for 6 months, in temperature and light controlled environment. In addition, our production is carried out in an ultra-modern factory, with flows inspired by GMP Pharma norms, under the highest quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22716. Then, the exclusive composition of the formulas, among which the unique Hedione molecule or gold particles, turns these extracts into a premium olfactory experience.

Maison Olfactif is a concept that can fit in the luxury perfumery area on the Romanian market, but also on the world market of haute perfumery. Maison Olfactif extracts are structured in 3 categories with unique olfactory bouquets. The 3 categories also have suggestive names: „Les phéromonaux”, „Les emotionnels” and ,,Les Suprêmess”. Each category takes individual olfactory exploration into different areas of the experiences of fragrance lovers, who seek selective luxury in all aspects of their lives. Moreover, each fragrance bears a symbolic name and induces the state caused by the olfactory bouquet.

Les phéromonaux” contains the patented molecule called „Hedione” with mood influencing qualities clinically demonstrated by studies that have shown to cause a differentiated response in a hypothalamic region what is associated with hormonal release: Reference: results obtained by I. Wallrabenstein in the study published in „NeuroImage” (Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25797832/). The 5 fragrances pass the olfactory experience through an emotional but also artistic register, taking the imagination of the person wearing these perfumes through areas of classical painting or through symbols of literature once considered forbidden, but also through intimate secret and captivating experiences.

,,Amor sacro, amor profano” that brings together warm notes of jasmine, cinnamon, strawberry, currant.

,,Dress code: naked” that brings together fresh lemon notes, green mandarin, bergamot, patchouli.

,,Rendez-vous avec le diable” with unique notes of vanilla, honey, iris.

,,Ménage à trois” brings together sweet notes of jasmine, bergamot, tuberose.

,,Bad boy meets his angel” that brings together unique notes of smoke, saffron, cardamom, labdan.

,,Les émotionnels” are extracts of perfume that by the force of ingredients augment the feelings and emotions of the wearer or carrier. The 5 fragrances seem to go through a precious olfactory register a succession of personal scenes that have certainly ever crossed our mind and which we may not have expressed.

,,Sin after dark: the revenge” with notes of violet, iris, plum, jasmine, hyacinth.

,,Crazy for you: the obsession” with lemon notes, grapefruit, clementine, bergamot.

,,Money can't buy love: the crush” with freesia notes, plum, lemon.

,, Fatal Dose: the happiness” with candied cherry notes, lemon, pink pepper.

,,Toxic Touch: the addiction” with notes of violet, iris, lemon, red orange.

,,Les suprêmes” is the category of fragrances that have in composition, besides absolutes and rare extracts, 24k gold particles that have the quality to magnetize ingredients and give them immeasurable remanence and value. The 5 fragrances are facets of absolute luxury or experiences that generate intense emotions.

,,Adulther” with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, licorice.

,,Last night in Dubai” with notes of vanilla, amber and labdan.

,,Escentric gold” with notes of Rose de Mai, vanilla, iris, patchouli.

,,Original sin” with saffron, vanilla, cinnamon notes.

,,Royal blood” with notes of pink pepper, cardamom, iris.

Recently, Maison Olfactif has also launched a new range of extract that complements this unique olfactory story.

“Champagne in heaven” with refined notes of Provence honey, ambrinol, saffron, rose petals.

“Narcissist” with elegant notes of davana, ambretta, artemisia, green cardamom of Guatemala, cinnamon, cedar wood, patchouoi, coriander, oud, rose.

“Girls come first” with unique notes of black currant, bergamot, pink pepper, iris.

“Excort” with special notes of rose petals, honey, poppy, cassis, bergamot.

“Call me Natasha” with elegant notes of rose stains, bergamot, rhubarb, lime, black pepper.

“First million story” with elegant notes of artemisia, ambrette, rose, rhubarb, indian davana.

“You gonna miss me” with warm notes of nutmeg, green lemon, turkish rose, hedione, ambrinol, jasmine.

“Never too rich” with lush notes of honey, cardamom, sugar, rose, ylang-ylang.

“Hardcore vanilla” with notes of Top Notes: coriander, lemon, lime, Madagascar vanilla, jasmine, vetiver.


The perfumer of the Maison Olfactif house is a pharmacist, specialist in the formulation and evaluation of the dermatocosmetic product and a doctoral student in Chemical Engineering. Thus, Maison Olfactif is an exclusive destination that combines the passion for high-quality fragrances with pharmaceutical expertise. At the heart of our creations is the meticulous attention given to every detail and ingredient, reflecting our devotion to quality and perfection. Each fragrance is a work of olfactory art, created with care and refinement to capture the essence of emotions and emphasize the personality of each wearer. Using its expertise in pharmaceuticals, the Maison Olfactif perfumer ensures that every formula is safe for the skin, while providing an unparalleled sensory experience. From the meticulous choice of ingredients to the production process, it puts great emphasis on quality.

Through Maison Olfactif you travel to a world of refinement and luxury, where perfumes are not only accessories of everyday life, but expressions of personal identity and style. From notes to design, labels, container and box, Maison Olfactif extracts compose a unique, captivating story that will delight your senses and soul.