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Emotions are intense affective reactions that betray our personality and greatly influence our self-confidence. Thus, we created Emotional Extracts ( „ Les émotionnels ” as the purest form of emotion intensification, refined to superlative by precious olfactory absolutes. For example, in the "Fatal dose: The happiness" blend, the feeling of being happy is intensified by the aroma of candied cherries, essence that helps the brain remember their childhood and the unconditional love of grandparents.


„Les Suprêmes" is the luxury collection of the house Maison Olfactif, an eccentric collection really created" pour les connaisseur". Exotic and opulent blends are perfect by the presence of 24K gold particles, a presence that ennobles the mystical resinous absolutes, Romantic and woody sacred floral from the compositions of the extracts and make the wearers be and feel unique. „Les Suprêmes" pay homage to power, evoke the smell of luxury and contemplate sensuality. „Les Suprêmes" is the collection created for gorgeous, independent and fabulous women and for strong, passionate men who know and can lead the world. It is the signature collection that will leave its olfactory imprint in the memory of those around you.


A special category, with strong carnal accents, "Pheromonal" extracts are perfume extracts whose main purpose is pure, domineering, sensual and romantic seduction alike. The existence of pheromones in humans is controversial. However, Hedione, the "wonder" molecule, is a model of pheromone on which specialized studies and tests have been performed, proving that, when smelling it, intense sexual activity in the human brain is stimulated. The pheromone composition of this category of extracts, intensely characterized by the presence of the Hedione molecule, stimulates sexual emotions and actively reduces the intensity of stress in the brain, making the carrier a strong person, self-confident, desired and adored. Pheromone perfume extracts are ennobled with precious essences, the composition obtained being a spectacular one, meant to remain in the olfactory memory of the wearer.