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How do you help your perfume last as long as possible?

09/05/2024 17:53
How do you help your perfume last as long as possible?

The favourite perfume generates a different emotion for each person. In general, the preferred smell can influence the mood and generate a pleasant impression on those around. A quality extract, made according to high standards, can influence both your well-being and the impression of those around you. And most of the time we want that smell and that feeling of self-confidence to accompany us all day.

How do you help your perfume last as long as possible?

Certainly, this is a common concern for many of us - to find ways to make our fragrance last longer. Here are some tips that might help you get this:

 Hydrated the skin before applying your favourite perfume: Hydrating the skin before applying the fragrance can make it last longer. Use a lotion or body oil with a light fragrance or fragrance-free to create a base for your favorite perfume.

Apply the fragrance to pulsed areas (on the neck, wrist, behind the knees): The fragrance is better maintained on areas where body temperature is higher, such as the area of the wrists, and knees, neck, back of the knees and in the inner area of the elbows. Apply the fragrance on these areas to prolong its persistence.

Stratify the fragrance: To create a richer and more persistent aroma, you can apply more subtle layers of fragrance. Use skin care products such as shower gels, lotions, and scented oils before applying the fragrance itself.

Use the fragrance in your hair: Hair can be an excellent fragrance carrier because it retains the aroma longer than the skin. Gently spray a little perfume on the brush or hands and pass them through the hair to distribute the fragrance evenly.

Avoid rubbing the skin after application: After applying the perfume, avoid rubbing the skin, as this can destroy the fragrance molecules and reduce the duration of its persistence.

Stores perfume in cool and dark places: Light and heat can damage the composition of the fragrance, which can lead to a short duration of its persistence. Store perfumes in cool, dark places, such as drawers or cabinets, to keep them fresh for longer.

Choose fragrances with strong base notes: Perfumes with stronger base notes, such as musk, cedar wood or vanilla, they tend to persist longer on the skin than those with more volatile notes, such as citrus or floral notes.

By applying these simple tips, you can achieve a longer duration of persistence for your favorite perfume and enjoy its unique notes throughout the day.