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Fatal Dose: the happiness: scented candle in glass container

€ 20

scented candle in glass holder, 200 g

The price includes VAT.

What is the meaning of happiness? Those unique childhood moments, favorite cake, loved ones, or well-being are all things that can define happiness for each of us. To achieve my goal of defining happiness in a candle scent, I opted for the sweet scent of gourmet candied cherries, which recalls the most delicious cakes. Fatal Dose: the happiness: the scented candle in a glass bottle: because happiness begins and is built with unique moments that we give ourselves and that last over time.

Avoid burning candles near flammable objects.

Make sure to keep the candle away from children or animals.

Do not use the candle as a night light.

Keep an eye on the candle throughout its burning time. Avoid leaving the candle on when you go to sleep. Make certain that the wick is completely off.

Don't keep a candle burning for more than 3-4 hours.

Don't burn the candle until the end.

Position the candle on a stable surface.

Only use candles in well-ventilated spaces.

Never use water to extinguish a candle!


- soy wax;

- cotton wick;

- fruity perfume.